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Take a breath. This is a place where you can relax, let go, and find answers.

I am a Certified Health Coach who is impassioned about living and teaching you to live a balanced, wholesome life, by showing you how to nourish your body with healthy food and loving thoughts. 
I am the creator of an amazing program called True Healthy & Happy Living.  I work with women and men that are struggling with their weight and/or getting into a more healthy balanced lifestyle. I believe that the only thing that is standing between you and the incredible life you desire are the thoughts running through your head.

"Diets" play with your head and set you up to fail. I show you what to do instead by following a non-diet, eat healthily, no fuss way to feel remarkable and at home in your body.

There was a time I struggled with a debauched body image. Jumping from one failing fad diet to another, thinking none of my dreams will come true because I did not fit in a size 2 no matter how hard I tried. It really bugs the heck out of me knowing others also think like this and like I have done, probably wasted so much time worrying how others viewed, say the size of our butt. Instead, we should have been freely relishing in fun or soaking in essential happenings, getting the most out of life.

I want to strongly convey from here and beyond what real beautiful body image is. There are a few aspects to this. One is to show you how to keep a fantastic figure by adding real satisfying delicious nutritious foods to your diet that will have you glowing from the inside out. Also, but not any less important are, I want to clarify how the following foundations support a well-balanced self: finding and participating in fun filling activities, having loving communicative relationships, enjoying a harmonious career, comforting spirituality, enticing hobbies, etc.√√


I graduated from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, where I learned innovative coaching methods, practical lifestyle management techniques, and a variety of dietary theories. Everything from Ayurveda, gluten-free, and Paleo, to raw, vegan, and macrobiotics, and everything in between. With my knowledge, we co-create completely personalized actions based on your goals to move you toward your ideal vision of health within your unique body, lifestyle, preferences, and resources. 

My education has equipped me with extensive, cutting-edge knowledge in holistic nutrition, health coaching, and prevention. Drawing on my expertise, I work with clients like you to help make lifestyle changes and choose health-promoting ways that produce real and lasting results. You will become more mindful and develop a deeper understanding of food and lifestyle choices that work best for you, improving your energy, balance, health, and happiness.

Each session will leave you feeling inspired and motivated. We will talk about things beyond food, seeking to bring balance to important elements of your life such as love and relationship as well as career and money. I will personally and carefully guide you to make simple, small changes that transform your life.

As a coach, I put the power back in YOUR hands.  

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